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Pangea was the first continent on Earth, about 335 million years ago. An ancient symbol of union, a mysterious and primordial past. Utopic and dreamlike. Our Pangea is inspired by Earth, roots, leaves and rhizomes.. the eternal and delicate power of the ground.

Formulated with a never-seen-before marriage between rare small batch vintage Florentine orris root and precious mushroom absolutes including Porcini, Shitake and Truffle. Pangea is an elegant ode to the golden era of perfumery and its precious Orris notes with a unique twist that will literally take you down Alice in Wonderland’s Rabbit hole, deep in the sweet and misteryous lairs of a sensual eternity.

The Etruscans were master perfumers who commerced their potions all over the Mediterranean, roughly around 1000bc. They were amongst the first ones to master the use of the mysterious orris root (the root of the iris flower, which also happens to be the symbol of the city of Florence) . The rhizomes, which don’t smell at all when fresh, need a special aging process to exude their sensual smell, sometimes even up to 3 yrs of curing. The search for the finest artisanal Tuscan Orris Root took years as it remains a well guarded secret amongst the Tuscan hills.


Small batch vintage Florentine Orris Root absolute

Porcini , Shitake and Truffle absolute

Royal black Ojari incense resinoid

Aged Siam benzoin

“…. During the Renaissance, especially in Florence, it was popular amongst royalty and power figures to build artificial Caves called Grottos. The facination with the Arcaic underground and the ancestral Pagan mysteries sparked a memory of our Earthly origins and animal nature which too often is forgotten in the age of progress. In the same way tribes all over the world revere Caves as sacred places, in the same way Caves and underground dwellings gave humankind shelter and were the first canvas to witness the birth of Art in Neolithic Cave paintings. “

All the XV perfumes are produced in small batches using only the finest ingredients sourced through extensive research and extreme care. All our perfumes are composed of high grade natural ingredients ( 70 - 80% ). The juice is aged for at least 3 months before being blended with Natural alcohol with a concentration of around 25 to 30%.

After letting the blend cure for a month, we bottle our potions by hand into Italian crystal bottles sealed with our signature black Carrara marble cap inlayed with the gilded Extra Virgo Monogram.

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