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Tobacco is another gift of the new world, a sacred plant which has long been used for rituals of cleansing and as a symbol of peace and union. Its sacred smoke rising to the heavens and carrying messages and offerings to the Gods. Sacred Tobacco is an ode to ceremonial, archaic rituals. It is the strongest and darkest potion of the collection. An old sacred pipe in a mahogany library room filled with ancient books, leather sofas and an ever burning fireplace.

Our Sacred Tobacco uses only natural Tobacco absolute sourced from two different strains: Virgiinia Blond, highly aromatic and bright , and Criollo, usually reserved for cigar making, with a darker and deeper aroma. Together they form an irresistible and highly sensual dark honey which only acquires power and grace with smoky notes of rare antique birch tar, a signature melange of spices such as Indonesian clove and Sri Lanka Cinnamon and a heavy dose of vintage civet and castoreum mix diluted in Indian Sandalwood.

The result is dark, narcotic, mesmerizing. A sacred smoke lingering in the air, an irresistible aura of mysterious erotic energy.


Virginia blonde and Criollo Tobacco absolutes

Indonesia Clove

Sri Lanka Cinnamon

Antique Birch Tar

Vintage civet and castoreum blend in Indian sandalwood

“….The first uses of Tobacco date back to around 2000 bc when, along with coca leaves, was revered as the most sacred of plants and used extensively for trade, pleasure and ceremonial use. It was believed that the rising smoke of Tobacco was a direct connection with the Gods and could cleanse and purify the spirit. Elder Shamans of the south Americas Amazon basin believe that Tobacco and Coca are the parents of Ayahuasca, the hallucinogenic sacred plant used in their religious ceremonies. They all work because of the powerful alkaloids they contain. Tobacco , stripped of all its magic and sacred power, took over the world in the form of cigarettes. Fortunately Tobacco ceremonies are being rediscovered and its beneficial uses coming back to light.”

All the XV perfumes are produced in small batches using only the finest ingredients sourced through extensive research and extreme care. All our perfumes are composed of high grade natural ingredients ( 70 - 80% ). The juice is aged for at least 3 months before being blended with Natural alcohol with a concentration of around 25 to 30%.

After letting the blend cure for a month, we bottle our potions by hand into Italian crystal bottles sealed with our signature black Carrara marble cap inlayed with the gilded Extra Virgo Monogram.

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