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Cacao, The food of the Gods. Ancient sacred plant of Central - South America, revered as the holiest and most powerful plant which was available only to very high ranking nobility other than the Gods themselves of course. Cacao Ritual is an ode to the sweet, loving, aphrodisiac and heart opening properties of the Cacao bean.

Our all natural Caco absolute comes from three different central-americas heirloom strains : Colombia, Honduras and Nicaragua. These rare absolutes have a warming, sensual aroma of natural roasted melting cocoa beans, voluptuous and sophisticated. They entwine with a small batch Moroccan Jasmine absolute, like twinkling stars in the dark night sky , sweet and ethereal, forming a union of darkness and light, a Narcotic dance under the stars. The signature blend of spices such as Sri Lanka Cinnamon, Indonesian Cloves blended with vintage Civet and Castoreum give off a unique sensuality. Sweet, dark, spicy, just like the embrace of two lovers in the night.

An arousing, highly sensual, dark and elegant potion.


Colombia, Nicaragua and Honduras Cacao absolute

Small batch heirloom Moroccan Jasmin

Vintage Indian Patchouli

Indonesian cloves

Vintage Civet and Castoreum blend

“ …. Through some of the incredible adventures I found myself in, I had the privilege of discovering the magic of Cacao, the sweet mother plant. I have always known chocolate, but discovering real Cacao and having the honor of being guided by its magic through Cacao ceremonies and the knowledge of the elders who guard its secrets is a very different experience. Now that contemporary awareness has made quality Cacao more available I encourage everyone to discover its healing, arousing and enlightening properties. It is directly connected with LOVE. “

All the XV perfumes are produced in small batches using only the finest ingredients sourced through extensive research and extreme care. All our perfumes are composed of high grade natural ingredients ( 70 - 80% ). The juice is aged for at least 3 months before being blended with Natural alcohol with a concentration of around 25 to 30%.

After letting the blend cure for a month, we bottle our potions by hand into Italian crystal bottles sealed with our signature black Carrara marble cap inlayed with the gilded Extra Virgo Monogram.


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